“My imagination has always been an entity of its own creating entire new worlds just beneath the layer of reality. Sometimes a simple object, an image or an idea can evoke in me an emotional response from which my mind creates an intricate story, like a tree that grows out of a tiny seed. This is how my art comes to life.”  

Irena Komadinic Tweedie is a European born Canadian artist. She graduated from McMaster University in 2004 with an Honours B.A. in Studio Art. Irena has worked in diverse media including printmaking, installation and textile art. This interest in various traditions is reflected in her mixed media collage paintings. The use of fabric and stitching in Irena’s work is an homage to the women in her family who were not artists by profession but have dedicated countless hours to embroidery, crochet and knitting adding a beautiful, tactile dimension to her world. She has translated this craft into her own art language thus continuing the long family tradition in her work. 


Irena has been exhibiting since 2003 and her art resides in various private collections.  She lives in Brantford, Ontario with her husband, their young son and an old Shih Tzu.


1999 - 2003

Honours B.A. Studio Art  |  Minor in Art History

McMaster University,  Hamilton ON


2010         A Collection of Things Unseen, Gallery on 4, Hamilton Central Library

2010         AGH Art Sale, Art Gallery of Hamilton     

2008         The Irena Show, Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton ON

2007         Praeclara Flamma, Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton ON

2006         New Paintings, Downtown Gallery, Hamilton ON

2006         A Collection of Things Unseen, Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton ON

2004         SUMMA Exhibition: The A-Team, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton ON

2003         Confess, Gag the Gallery, Hamilton ON

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